Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Richard Rawlings Net Worth: How Rich is Richard Rawlings,  Biography, Career, Early Life And More you need to know 

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

$18 Million

Richard Rawlings Net Worth
CategoryRichest Business › Executives
Net Worth$18 Million
BirthdateMarch 30, 1969 (55 years old)
BirthplaceFort Worth, Texas, USA
NationalityNorth American

What is Richard Rawlings net worth?

Richard Rawlings net worth is 18$ Million. Richard Rawlings is a prominent American figure known for his multifaceted career as a car builder, cross-country racer, entrepreneur, and reality television personality. With a net worth of $18 million, Rawlings has gained widespread recognition as the star of the popular reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud” and as the proprietor of Gas Monkey Garage, an automotive restoration shop based in Dallas, Texas.

Beyond his automotive ventures, Rawlings has diversified his business portfolio, establishing ownership of the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues, both located in Dallas. These establishments serve as vibrant hubs for entertainment and social gatherings, showcasing Rawlings’ entrepreneurial acumen and passion for creating dynamic experiences for patrons.

Richard Rawlings’ journey from a car enthusiast to a prominent TV personality and successful entrepreneur underscores his enduring influence in the automotive and entertainment industries. His ventures continue to resonate with audiences, reflecting his dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and engaging storytelling.

Richard Rawlings Early Life

Richard Rawlings was born on March 30, 1969, in Fort Worth, Texas. From a young age, he developed a strong passion for cars, influenced by his father with whom he attended auto shows and collaborated on car building projects. Rawlings purchased his first car, a green 1974 Mercury Comet, at the age of 14. Even before he was legally able to drive at 16, he had already engaged in buying and selling multiple cars, demonstrating an early entrepreneurial spirit.

During his high school years at Eastern Hills High School, Rawlings drove a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, further fueling his enthusiasm for automobiles. His early experiences with cars laid the groundwork for his future career in the automotive industry, setting him on a path towards becoming a renowned car builder, racer, and entrepreneur.

Fast N’ Loud

Before establishing Gas Monkey Garage, Richard Rawlings had a diverse career background. He worked as a law enforcement officer, firefighter, and paramedic, demonstrating his commitment to public service. Additionally, Rawlings was the owner and operator of Lincoln Press, a printing and advertising company, which he eventually sold in 2002 to fund the opening of Gas Monkey Garage.

Gas Monkey Garage quickly gained global recognition for its craftsmanship, specializing in creating and restoring hot rods and custom automobiles for customers worldwide. Since 2012, Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage have been featured on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Fast N’ Loud.” The show follows Rawlings and his team, including Aaron Kaufman, KC Mathieu, and Scot McMillan, as they search for rare cars and restore them to their former glory. Notable buyers of their restored vehicles include Dennis Collins and Jay Riecke.

In addition to “Fast N’ Loud,” Rawlings co-hosts the Discovery Channel series “Garage Rehab,” which premiered in 2017. The show focuses on transforming struggling auto shops into successful businesses with Rawlings’ expertise and guidance.

Expanding beyond the automotive industry, Richard Rawlings ventured into the hospitality and entertainment sectors. In September 2013, he opened the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Northwest Dallas, followed by a second location at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in March 2014. Later in October 2014, Rawlings launched Gas Monkey Live, a live music venue.

In 2015, Rawlings released his autobiography titled “Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,” providing readers with insights into his life and career journey.

Continuing to expand his brand, Richard Rawlings licensed the Gas Monkey name to a line of energy drinks in 2019, further leveraging his success and popularity in the automotive and entertainment industries.

Richard Rawlings Personal Life

Richard Rawlings Personal Life

Richard Rawlings has had a dynamic personal life, marked by multiple marriages and high-profile relationships. In 1990, he tied the knot with Karen Grames, but their marriage ended in divorce just a year later.

Later in 1999, Rawlings married Suzanne Marie Mergele, his second wife. Their relationship went through ups and downs, including a divorce in 2009 followed by a remarriage in 2015. However, by March 2019, Rawlings publicly shared via Twitter that he and Suzanne were separating and would be filing for divorce.

Subsequently, in August 2019, Rawlings announced his engagement to Katerina Deason, declaring their love and commitment on social media. Rawlings expressed an instant connection with Katerina, describing her as his best friend and soulmate. They looked forward to spending their lives together, guided by faith and deep affection.

Apart from his personal life, Rawlings is renowned for his exploits in the automotive world. In the 1990s, he famously survived a carjacking incident, sustaining a gunshot wound while defending his beloved 1965 Mustang 2+2.

Moreover, Rawlings is an accomplished transcontinental racer, having participated in numerous rallies. He once held the record for the fastest Cannonball Run from New York to Los Angeles, covering 2811 miles in just under 32 hours, averaging an impressive 87.6 MPH. Rawlings’ racing prowess extends to winning both the Gumball 3000 and The Bullrun events twice, a testament to his skill and passion for high-speed challenges on the road.

Richard Rawlings Residence

Richard Rawlings Residence

Richard Rawlings’ mansion, situated in the heart of Texas, epitomizes his distinctive and vibrant lifestyle. The residence not only serves as a luxurious abode but also reflects Rawlings’ unique tastes and interests. Adorned with exquisite decor, the mansion boasts an impressive showcase of cars, adding a touch of automotive passion to its ambiance. Rawlings frequently shares glimpses of his home on social media, offering followers a peek into his lavish surroundings and remarkable car collection, which further underscores his deep connection to the world of automobiles. Each corner of the mansion exudes Rawlings’ charismatic flair, making it a captivating reflection of his larger-than-life persona.

Richard Rawlings Early Life and Career

From a young age, Richard Rawlings’ passion for cars laid the foundation for his remarkable journey in the automotive world. As a child, he immersed himself in the realm of automobiles, setting the stage for his future endeavors. Rawlings’ entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as he ventured into small business initiatives, marking the beginning of his illustrious career. His early forays into business reflected his innate drive and determination, paving the way for the impressive achievements that would define his path ahead.

Discovery of Gas Monkey Garage

Discovery of Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage, the cornerstone of Richard Rawlings’ automotive empire, was not an overnight success story. Its origins represent a pivotal turning point in Rawlings’ career, as it evolved from a humble local garage into a renowned global brand. The inception of Gas Monkey Garage marked a significant chapter in Rawlings’ journey, highlighting his vision and ambition to create something extraordinary in the automotive industry.

The transformation of Gas Monkey Garage from a conventional repair shop to an iconic establishment was fueled by Rawlings’ unwavering passion for cars and his relentless pursuit of excellence. With determination and entrepreneurial flair, Rawlings cultivated a unique identity for Gas Monkey Garage, blending automotive expertise with a distinctive style that resonated with enthusiasts worldwide.

The success of Gas Monkey Garage can be attributed to Rawlings’ hands-on approach, coupled with strategic decisions that propelled the brand to prominence. Through television exposure and savvy marketing, Gas Monkey Garage gained widespread recognition, solidifying its status as a hub for automotive innovation and craftsmanship.

Today, Gas Monkey Garage stands as a testament to Rawlings’ entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft. It continues to inspire car enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, embodying the transformative impact of passion, perseverance, and a bold vision.

Fast N’ Loud Success

Richard Rawlings’ ascent to business success was greatly propelled by the popularity of the TV show “Fast N’ Loud,” which centered around the restoration and resale of classic cars. The show quickly captured a substantial audience and played a pivotal role in elevating Rawlings’ net worth.

“Fast N’ Loud” showcased Rawlings’ expertise in automotive restoration and his charismatic personality, captivating viewers with the thrill of transforming vintage automobiles into prized gems. The show’s engaging format and Rawlings’ dynamic presence resonated strongly with car enthusiasts and television audiences alike, contributing significantly to the growth of his business empire.

As “Fast N’ Loud” gained traction and became a hit series, it not only expanded Rawlings’ fan base but also amplified the visibility of Gas Monkey Garage. The show’s success fueled Rawlings’ entrepreneurial endeavors, opening doors to new opportunities and solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the automotive industry.

Ultimately, “Fast N’ Loud” served as a catalyst for Richard Rawlings’ business achievements, showcasing his passion for cars and knack for entertainment while propelling his brand to unprecedented heights of popularity and success.

Diversification of Business Ventures

Richard Rawlings’ business prowess transcends the realm of Gas Monkey Garage, encompassing a diverse portfolio of successful ventures spanning industries such as restaurants and merchandise. This section illuminates Rawlings’ versatility and notable financial growth across various business endeavors.

In addition to establishing Gas Monkey Garage as a prominent automotive brand, Rawlings demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by venturing into the restaurant industry. He launched Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, a vibrant eatery that combines his passion for cars with a lively dining experience. The restaurant quickly gained popularity, attracting patrons with its unique ambiance and flavorful cuisine.

Rawlings further expanded his business empire by diversifying into merchandise, leveraging the appeal of his personal brand and Gas Monkey Garage. Through strategic merchandising efforts, Rawlings successfully capitalized on his widespread fan base, offering a range of products from apparel to accessories that resonate with automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Rawlings’ ability to navigate and excel in diverse industries underscores his adaptability and vision as an entrepreneur. His ventures beyond Gas Monkey Garage not only showcase his multifaceted talents but also contribute significantly to his financial growth and the enduring legacy of his brand. As Rawlings continues to innovate and expand his business footprint, his journey serves as a testament to the rewards of entrepreneurial ambition and strategic diversification.

Brand Endorsements and Collaborations

Richard Rawlings’ collaborations and endorsements in business have been instrumental in enhancing his brand’s visibility and expanding his financial portfolio. This section delves into the mutually beneficial relationships between Rawlings and other brands, highlighting the impact of strategic partnerships on his entrepreneurial journey.

Through strategic collaborations, Rawlings has forged symbiotic alliances with various brands across different industries. These partnerships leverage Rawlings’ influence and expertise in the automotive world, complemented by the resources and reach of his collaborators. Such alliances not only amplify the exposure of Rawlings’ brand but also create mutually advantageous opportunities for growth and innovation.

In addition to collaborations, Rawlings’ endorsements have contributed significantly to his business success. By associating his name and reputation with select products and services, Rawlings enhances brand credibility and expands market reach. His endorsements resonate with a broad audience of automotive enthusiasts and beyond, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty.

The synergy between Rawlings and partnering brands underscores his strategic approach to business development. By leveraging collaborative opportunities and cultivating strategic endorsements, Rawlings continues to strengthen his entrepreneurial footprint while forging lasting connections within the business community. These collaborations serve as a testament to Rawlings’ ability to navigate the dynamics of partnership and leverage synergies for mutual benefit and sustained growth.

Real Estate

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Richard Rawlings owns a distinctive house in Dallas, Texas, situated on 1.46 acres of land. The home, constructed in 1960, features three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. It boasts unique amenities, including a mid-century modern style bar with a retractable door, multiple decks for outdoor relaxation, a sunken bathtub for luxurious baths, a tranquil zen garden, an outside master bath, and picturesque views of a private lake.

The property’s proximity to Gas Monkey Garage, just four miles away, underscores Rawlings’ connection to his automotive empire. Rawlings’ home reflects his discerning taste and penchant for stylish living, blending modern comforts with serene outdoor spaces. It serves as a personal retreat within reach of his professional hub, embodying the essence of his dynamic lifestyle and passion for both automotive craftsmanship and refined living.

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Richard Rawlings is a prominent American entrepreneur, car enthusiast, and television personality known for his diverse career in the automotive industry. Born on March 30, 1969, in Fort Worth, Texas, Rawlings developed a passion for cars at a young age, which laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey. He gained widespread recognition as the star of the reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud” and as the founder of Gas Monkey Garage, a renowned automotive restoration shop based in Dallas, Texas. Rawlings’ net worth is estimated at $18 million, reflecting his success in various ventures beyond automotive, including restaurants, merchandise, and entertainment venues.

Throughout his career, Rawlings has demonstrated versatility and innovation, expanding his brand through strategic partnerships, endorsements, and diversification into different industries. His entrepreneurial acumen and charismatic personality have propelled him to become a prominent figure in the automotive and entertainment worlds, inspiring audiences with his passion for cars and business.


Q: What is Richard Rawlings’ net worth?

A: Richard Rawlings’ net worth is estimated to be $18 million. His wealth comes from his successful ventures in the automotive industry, including Gas Monkey Garage, as well as investments in restaurants, merchandise, and entertainment.

Q: What is Gas Monkey Garage?

A: Gas Monkey Garage is an automotive restoration shop founded by Richard Rawlings. It gained global fame through the reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud,” which showcases the team’s car restoration projects and business operations.

Q: What other businesses does Richard Rawlings own?

A: In addition to Gas Monkey Garage, Richard Rawlings owns Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues in Dallas, Texas. He has also ventured into merchandise, licensing the Gas Monkey brand for a line of energy drinks.

Q: What is Richard Rawlings’ background?

A: Richard Rawlings developed a passion for cars from a young age, influenced by his father. He started buying and selling cars as a teenager and later worked in law enforcement, firefighting, and paramedic services before pursuing a career in entrepreneurship.

Q: Has Richard Rawlings been involved in television?

A: Yes, Richard Rawlings gained fame through the Discovery Channel reality show “Fast N’ Loud,” which features his automotive restoration endeavors. He has also appeared on “Garage Rehab,” another Discovery Channel series focused on transforming struggling auto shops.

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