Jonathan Majors Net Worth

Jonathan Majors Net Worth: What is Jonathan Majors Worth? Everything you need to know 

Jonathan Majors Net Worth

$500 Thousand

Jonathan Majors Net Worth
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Net Worth$500 Thousand
BirthdateSeptember 7, 1989
BirthplaceLompoc, California, U.S.

Jonathan Majors Net Worth

Jonathan Majors net worth estimated at $500 thousand. He gained recognition for his roles in notable films such as “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “Da 5 Bloods,” “The Harder They Fall,” “Creed III,” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quintumnia.” Additionally, he starred in the HBO horror series “Lovecraft Country,” earning him an Emmy Award nomination for his performance.

However, in 2023, Majors faced legal issues after being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. He was subsequently convicted on two misdemeanor counts related to this incident.

Jonathan Majors’ career has showcased his talent and versatility in both film and television, although his personal life has been marked by this controversy.

Jonathan Majors Biography

Jonathan Majors Biography
Full NameJonathan Majors
Age35 years old (in 2024)
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1989
BirthplaceLompoc, California, United States
Zodiac SignVirgo
EducationUniversity of North Carolina School of the Arts, Yale University
Net Worth$2 Million
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Body Measurements38-12-32 inches
Body TypeSlim
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Jonathan Majors was born on September 7, 1989, in Lompoc, California. His early years were shaped by his family’s frequent relocations due to his father’s service in the US Air Force. Growing up, he lived with his mother, older sister, and younger brother on Vandenberg Air Force Base before settling in various cities in Texas, including Dallas, Georgetown, and Cedar Hill. It was in Cedar Hill where Majors attended Cedar Hill High School, later transferring to Duncanville High School where he ultimately graduated in 2008.

During his youth, Majors faced personal challenges, including legal issues such as being arrested for shoplifting and experiencing school suspensions due to fights. At one point, he was even forced to leave home and lived in his car while juggling two jobs to support himself. It was during this tumultuous period that Majors found solace and inspiration in cinema, particularly through Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,” which ignited his passion for acting.

Driven by this newfound passion, Majors pursued his dreams by attending the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for his undergraduate studies. Later, he continued his education at the prestigious Yale School of Drama, honing his craft and preparing himself for a career in acting. His journey from a challenging upbringing to the pursuit of professional training underscores his resilience and determination in achieving success in the entertainment industry.

Film Career

Jonathan Majors’ acting career has been marked by a series of notable film appearances starting in 2017. His big-screen debut came in Scott Cooper’s Western film “Hostiles,” where he portrayed Corporal Henry Woodson. The following year, Majors showcased his versatility in crime dramas, starring as Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry in “White Boy Rick” and as Duncan J. Reynolds in “Out of Blue.”

In 2019, Majors achieved widespread recognition for his role as Mont Allen in Joe Talbot’s “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His performance earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Male. That same year, he appeared in the science-fiction thriller “Captive State” as insurgent Rafe Drummond and in the coming-of-age crime drama “Gully.”

Continuing his momentum, Majors starred as Pepper in the boxing drama “Jungleland,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019 and was released theatrically the following year.

In 2020, Majors delivered a standout performance in Spike Lee’s Vietnam War drama “Da 5 Bloods,” sharing the screen with esteemed actors like Delroy Lindo and Clarke Peters. The following year, he garnered critical acclaim for his role as Nat Love in the Western “The Harder They Fall,” reuniting with Delroy Lindo in a gripping tale of revenge and redemption.

Film Career

In 2022, Majors portrayed US Navy officer Jesse Brown in the Korean War film “Devotion,” co-starring alongside Glen Powell as Tom Hudner.

The year 2023 proved to be another significant year for Majors, starring in three diverse roles. He portrayed aspiring bodybuilder Killian Maddox in “Magazine Dreams,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Majors then made a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the villainous Kang the Conqueror in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” Shortly after, he joined the cast of “Creed III,” the boxing drama sequel starring opposite Michael B. Jordan, where he played Damian ‘Diamond Dame’ Anderson.

Jonathan Majors’ career trajectory highlights his versatility and talent across genres, from dramas to thrillers and superhero films, establishing him as a formidable presence in Hollywood.

Television Career

Television Career

Jonathan Majors transitioned into television with his debut in the 2017 ABC miniseries “When We Rise,” where he portrayed gay activist Ken Jones. Following this, he focused primarily on his film career before returning to television in 2020 with a standout role in the HBO horror series “Lovecraft Country.” In the series, Majors starred as Korean War veteran Atticus ‘Tic’ Freeman, adapting Matt Ruff’s novel to critical acclaim. His performance earned him an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Continuing his television success, Majors joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Disney+ series “Loki” (2021-2023), where he portrayed different variants of the villainous Kang the Conqueror. This role showcased Majors’ range and depth as an actor within the expansive Marvel universe.

Additionally, in 2021, Majors had the opportunity to host an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry across various platforms. Jonathan Majors’ foray into television has been marked by acclaimed performances and significant contributions to both drama series and the Marvel franchise.

Domestic Assault and Arrest

In March 2024, Jonathan Majors was arrested for physically assaulting his girlfriend, British dancer Grace Jabbari. The couple had been together since the summer of 2021 but parted ways following this incident and other reported instances of domestic violence. Majors faced legal consequences when he was arraigned in the New York City Criminal Court on charges including assault, strangulation, and harassment.

In the wake of this controversy, the US Army took action by suspending its recruitment commercials featuring Majors. Additionally, his professional relationships suffered repercussions as he was dropped as a client by Entertainment 360 and the Lede Company, two prominent talent management firms in the entertainment industry. These decisions were reflective of the seriousness of the allegations and the impact on Majors’ professional reputation.

Furthermore, the fallout extended to his projects in the film industry. Disney’s Searchlight Pictures made a significant move by pulling Majors’ upcoming film “Magazine Dreams,” which had premiered earlier in the year at Sundance. This decision underscored the industry’s response to the allegations against Majors and the consequential impact on the film’s release and distribution.

The incident involving Grace Jabbari and the subsequent legal and professional ramifications highlighted a challenging chapter in Jonathan Majors’ career, drawing attention to issues of accountability and the consequences of alleged domestic violence within the entertainment industry.

Trial and Conviction

In late November 2023, Jonathan Majors’ assault trial began, stemming from the allegations made by Grace Jabbari earlier that year. The legal proceedings culminated in December when Majors was found guilty and convicted on two misdemeanor counts, specifically assault and harassment.

The outcome of the trial had significant repercussions for Majors’ career. In response to the conviction, Marvel Studios made the decision to sever ties with Majors, dropping him from his role as Kang the Conqueror in all future Marvel projects. This decision underscored the studio’s commitment to accountability and maintaining a standard of conduct among its talent.

The conviction and subsequent professional fallout marked a pivotal moment in Jonathan Majors’ career, highlighting the serious consequences of legal actions related to domestic violence allegations. The impact on his involvement in major film projects, particularly within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, signaled a significant setback for the actor in the wake of the legal proceedings.

What’s next for Jonathan Majors?

What’s next for Jonathan Majors?

Jonathan Majors has several exciting projects on the horizon for fans to anticipate:

  1. The Harder They Fall
    Release: Fall 2021
    Platform: Select theaters and Netflix
    Synopsis: Majors stars in this Western alongside actors like Idris Elba and Regina King. The film follows his character, outlaw Nat Love, on a quest for revenge against those who have wronged him.
  2. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
    Release: 2023
    Platform: Theatrical release
    Synopsis: Majors will reprise his role as Kang the Conqueror from “Loki” in this Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The movie continues the adventures of Ant-Man and the Wasp as they navigate quantum realms and face new challenges.
  3. Devotion
    Release: To be announced
    Synopsis: Majors stars as Jesse Brown in this historical drama, alongside Glen Powell as Tom Hudner. The film explores their remarkable friendship and heroic sacrifices as they become celebrated wingmen in the U.S. Navy during a time of racial disparity.


Jonathan Majors is an American actor known for his versatile performances across film and television. Born on September 7, 1989, in Lompoc, California, Majors overcame personal challenges during his youth, including legal issues and periods of instability, before discovering a passion for acting. He pursued his dream by attending the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and later Yale University, where he honed his craft.

Majors’ breakout roles include films like “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “Da 5 Bloods,” “The Harder They Fall,” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” He also gained acclaim for his role in the HBO series “Lovecraft Country,” which earned him an Emmy Award nomination.

However, Majors faced legal issues in 2023 when he was arrested and subsequently convicted on charges related to assaulting his girlfriend. This incident led to professional repercussions, including being dropped from future Marvel projects.

Despite the challenges, Majors continues to have upcoming projects, including “The Harder They Fall,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” and “Devotion,” showcasing his talent and resilience in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Jonathan Majors’ net worth?

A: Jonathan Majors’ net worth is estimated at $500 thousand as of the latest available information.

Q: What are Jonathan Majors’ notable films and TV shows?

A: Majors’ notable films include “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “Da 5 Bloods,” “The Harder They Fall,” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” On television, he starred in “Lovecraft Country” and appeared in the Marvel series “Loki.”

Q: What legal issues did Jonathan Majors face?

A: In 2023, Majors was arrested and later convicted on misdemeanor counts related to assaulting his girlfriend. This had significant professional repercussions, including being dropped from future Marvel projects.

Q: What upcoming projects does Jonathan Majors have?

A: Majors has several exciting projects ahead, including the release of “The Harder They Fall” in fall 2021, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” in 2023, and the forthcoming film “Devotion,” where he stars alongside Glen Powell.

Q: What role did Jonathan Majors play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A: Majors portrayed different variants of the villain Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel series “Loki” and was set to reprise the role in future Marvel projects until his conviction led to him being dropped from the role.

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