Tips To Format A Resume To Lend It Perfection

A perfectly written resume can be your way to a bright career. If you need to bag a job, you need to present your candidature perfectly. And the same is possible only when you write the resume correctly. Here are some of the tips to follow while formatting the resume that decides the ultimate look of the resume. 

Use A Font That Is Easy To Read

Font refers to the style of writing. If you are using an MS word document for writing your resume, you will find several options for fonts. Select the ones that appear easy to read and clean. Never opt for multiple fonts to write a single resume. 

It is best to keep the font style uniform throughout your CV. If you do not know which are the most popular font styles for writing resumes, consult any resume build service provider for an expert opinion. 

Use Italics For The Awards And Achievements

No matter what variety of awards and achievements you have in your bag, if you have any, boast it. Suppose you have an animation major and have worked on a relevant project where you have earned some accolades. Keep those certificates on the top of the CV and use italics to make the statement distinct. 

The use of italics should be limited and never random. Only the things you need to boast should carry the italic format in your CV. Using this formatting too frequently can ruin the overall gravity of the CV. 

Highlight The Special Skills And Experiences

If you have any special skills, boast it in your CV. The best way to catch the employers’ attention would be to highlight the words and phrases that tell about your special skills and experiences. An employer might miss out on the points that you want to highlight. 

But, if you would use the highlight option, your task would become easier. Your resume will simply catch the attention of the recruiters with highlights on distinct parts.  

Keep Enough Margin On Both Sides

A neat and tidy looking resume is all an employer looks for. Besides being technically correct, your resume needs to be aesthetically fine as well. In order to ensure the same, make sure to leave enough margin space on all sides of the document. 

This renders the entire length and breadth of your CV an elegant and sophisticated look. Leave equal space between two paragraphs or sections to give the resume a balanced look. 

Keep The Font Size Uniform Throughout The CV

The font size of the words should be equal throughout your CV. The only exception can be the titles. You can hold the headings and use a slightly larger font size for these. This will add dimension to the overall appearance of the resume. 

Whether you take an interest in the latest scientific innovations or industrial updates, keep the job you are applying for in mind while writing the CV. Mention your interest so that the same appears to be a part of the job you are applying for.  This will compel the employers to take an interest in your profile. 

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