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5 Interesting Ways to Start Your Resume

Be it your college essay or your resume; a powerful introduction can get you the immediate attraction of your reader. On average, a hiring manager spends about 10 seconds to go through a resume and decide whether they must go ahead or bin it. What is more, usually, more than two hundred applications come in for a usual job posting. So you can very well guess how strong your impression has to be in those initial seconds.

While people spend a lot of time writing down the body and proofreading their resumes, they pay little attention to the introduction. But the importance of a great resume heading cannot be stressed enough. It sets the tone for the rest of the resume.  

Wondering how to make a start? Here are five interesting ways in which you can start your resume:

Be Unique

For most beginners, the first step towards writing a resume is going through the web for examples. While it may be a good idea to take some inspiration, copying is a big no. Hiring managers go through thousands of resumes each day. So whenever you pick out these run down lines and phrases from the internet, they know it at a single glance. Copying from the internet not just gives you negative points; it hampers your reputation before it has even been built.

So stop copying right away and try to showcase your unique side. You may feel uneasy about penning down the first line. But with practice, you will easily be able to come up with something nice and unique.

Do Not Adhere To Rules

A resume is basically an ad that is meant to promote. So, just as with the ads, you have the complete freedom to showcase your creativity so long as it appeals to the employer. Most people fuss about rules and regulations before they start writing the resume. While it may be good to have a basic structure in mind, you do not have to so particular about them. Play around with your words and information.

Place them in a way that you think describes you best. When your individuality gets reflected in the resume, there is a higher chance of getting selected for the job.

Elaborate With Testimonials 

You may have seen that in the popular job platform of today, people often place testimonials from previous clients and employers. Testimonials show that you are not just saying it, but you can actually do it. It also helps in gaining the trust of prospective employers. After all, the employers would not want to waste their resources on a person who cannot perform.

Adding the testimonial right at the introduction also creates an interest in the mind of the hiring manager. They feel interested to read the rest of the resume and see what more you have got to offer.

If you are still not very confident about how to start, you can go the online resume makers such as that can help you create a unique resume within minutes. We hope with these tips; you can easily make an outstanding first impression.

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