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The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Celeb Car Crashes

No car crash is pleasant. It is life-threatening, traumatic, and causes both physical and emotional harm. And a vehicle crash spares no one, neither a random passerby nor a celebrity. From severe bruises to pursuing a legal procedure, they all need to be addressed to manage the crisis.

One of the top celebrity car crashes includes an accident that Kayne West encountered in October 2022 in Los Angeles. News reports suggest that the accident happened because he slept at the steering wheel and hit another car. It was a classic case of fatigued driving. The singer had a jaw fracture and needed constructive surgery. The passenger in the other car had a leg injury.  

Such car crashes are prevalent everywhere, even in Edwardsville. The city’s police department files close to 1,100 traffic crashes annually. In this article, we will shed light on such accidents and how a personal injury lawyer can be of help.

Edwardsville Car Crash Killed Two People

Before explaining how celeb crashes should be handled, we will talk about an accident that occurred in Edwardsville.

In April 2024, My Journal-Courier reported that Illinois State Police had been investigating a two-car head-on collision. It had injured three and killed two people in the north of Edwardsville.

The police shared that a 2006 Nissan Sentra was moving north toward Illinois 159. There was a 2019 Dodge van that was moving south along the same path. And for reasons unknown, the Sentra had crossed the center line and hit the Dodge van head-on. A 91-year-old elderly woman was driving the Sentra and was declared dead at the accident scene.

On the other hand, a 37-year-old man was driving the Dodge van and was admitted to a regional hospital with several injuries. There was another 63-year-old woman in the van who was admitted to the hospital for life-threatening injuries. It was there that she breathed her last, succumbing to her injuries. Another 40-year-old woman in the Dodge van was shifted to the ambulance of a regional hospital with injuries. 

Accidents such as this occur in Edwardsville, causing havoc in people’s lives. And it is possible for a celebrity passing by the streets of this city to face one such crash. They can get severely injured, develop spinal cord injuries or bone fractures, and even lose their lives.

Hence, it is necessary to get in touch with an expert Edwardsville personal injury lawyer who will help you address the legal matters. They know how to tackle the situation, follow the legal formalities, and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. You can use it to cover all your economic and non-economic losses.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Be of Help?

The legal management of a celebrity car crash is challenging. The first task for lawyers is to make sense of the excess media coverage. There’s more than just news. Social media updates are endless and can create confusion. Hence, it is necessary to note the coverages that matter and use them to the benefit of the case. 

Every celebrity has their own PR team working to manage any crisis that might occur, which includes a car crash. Hence, for issuing a public statement, the lawyer and the PR team need to work closely. Also, for making court appearances, there might be fans and public gatherings trying to click pictures or speak to them. News channels can gather bytes, which can get awkward. 

Hence, a personal injury lawyer takes into account all these aspects when they accept a celebrity car crash case in Edwardsville. They are aware of the correct legal procedures and can obtain the correct compensation for plaintiffs from the at-fault party’s insurance agent. 

Some ways a personal injury lawyer can help you are:

Determining Your Eligibility

A personal injury lawyer in Edwardsville will study your case and determine whether you qualify to file a lawsuit. TorHoerman Law states that once the lawyer is certain that the other driver was at fault, they will help you in your legal battle. They will provide you with the guidance to fulfill all the legal procedures so that you obtain the compensation.

They Fight Your Case on Your Behalf

Celebrities have a certain status to maintain. That means they cannot always be in the public eye. Hence, when faced with a car crash, they will depend on a lawyer to fight their case for them. That’s exactly what a personal injury lawyer does. They will use the evidence to build a solid case and present it in court.

The lawyer will let the celebrity know the moment their presence is required at the court. Barring that, they lead the case and ensure that their client gets justice.

Determining the Settlement Payout

Once you get the settlement payout, you can use it to cover lost wages, medical costs, and other injuries. Your lawyer will let you know the probable amount so that you have practical expectations about it. The amount will vary based on individual suffering and case-specific details.

They Negotiate With Insurance Companies

It is a known fact that insurance companies deploy manipulative tactics to reduce legal compensation. Even a celebrity can’t escape this. When the at-fault party’s insurance agency learns you are a celebrity, they might find ways to shift the blame on you even more. That way, they would have to pay less, knowing that you have the financial bandwidth to deal with it.

A personal injury lawyer deals with this situation skillfully and ensures fair compensation for the plaintiff. They use their legal know-how and expertise to prove that the at-fault party is guilty. 

To sum up, the streets of Edwardsville are prone to accidents, similar to any other American city. And there are chances for a celebrity to get wounded in a crash. It is necessary to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and seek legal recourse. They will provide the required guidelines and also obtain fair compensation.

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