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Tharita Cesaroni Biography: Who Is Dermot Mulroney’s Wife


Certain individuals were destined to be renowned and enter the spotlight easily. Tharita Cesaroni had the chance to be popular as a producer yet settled on a relaxed life. In any case, she was pushed into the spotlight when it became realized that she was dating entertainer Dermot Mulroney.

Hollywood isn’t shy of big name ladies who just became popular in light of their relationship with their companions. A portion of these ladies like to be housewives trusting that their accomplices will back their rich ways of life. In any case, a few ladies like Tharita Cesaroni demand bringing in their own cash paying little heed to how rich their companions are.

Who is Tharita Cesaroni?

Tharita Cesaroni is, as a matter of fact, the lovely Italian spouse of American entertainer and performer Dermot Mulroney, known for his parts in motion pictures like My Closest companion’s Wedding, About Schmidt, Zodiac and numerous others to name. Her significant other, Dermot, started his acting profession in the last part of the 1980s.

Tharita, who is from Milan, Italy, is really the entertainer’s subsequent spouse. He was first hitched to Catherine Ann Quicker, who is additionally an American entertainer.

Tharita Cesaroni Biography:

Tharita Cesaroni was brought into the world on October 31, 1973, in Milan, Italy, where she additionally grew up, just to move to the US as a grown-up. She is the little girl of Franco Catulle and Emy Cesaroni. There is no data on whether she has any kin. Her instructive foundation is additionally absent.

Tharita’s mom, Emi Cesaroni, hails from Terni in Italy. She is a well known Italian vocalist and entertainer. She delivered music between the 1960s and 1970s through the Italian record name Style. Then again, her dad is from Catanzaro, Calabria. Subtleties of how he made ends meet are not given.

Tharita Cesaroni Biography Wiki:

NameTharita Cesaroni
Birth nameTharita Cesaroni Catulle
MonikerPrima Apollinaire
Date of birthOctober 31, 1973
Place of birthMilan, Italy
Age48 years old
Birth signScorpio
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Height in meters1.64 meters
Weight52 Kg
Weight in pounds114.64 lbs
Body typeSlim
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseDermot Mulroney
ChildrenMabel Ray Mulroney, Sally June Mulroney
FatherFranco Catulle
MotherEmy Cesaroni
Net worth$2 Million

Tharita Cesaroni Family/Education:

Tharita Cesaroni was brought into the world on October 31, 1963, in Milan, Italy to guardians Franco Catullé and Emy Cesaroni. She experienced childhood in Milan, Italy with her folks. Her mom Emy Cesaroni is an entertainer and artist from Italy and her dad comes from Catanzaro, Calabria. There isn’t sufficient data about her instructive capabilities. In this way, her schooling and family foundation are under audit.

Tharita Cesaroni Age/Height:

Her accurate birthdate is obscure, however Tharita was brought into the world in 1973. This makes Tharita Cesaroni’s age 51 out of 2024. Her broadly announced level is assessed to be between 163 cm and 164 cm. In correlation, Dermot Mulroney’s level is 177 cm.

Tharita Cesaroni Personal life:

In private life, the showbiz star Tharita Cesaroni wed Dermot Mulroney in a confidential function in 2008. Their relationship went to revelation after the marriage of the couple.

Beforehand, her significant other Dermot Mulroney wedded American entertainer Catherine Ann Quicker. She has two little girls with her better half named Mabel Beam Mulroney brought into the world in 2008 and Sally June Mulroney brought into the world in 2009. As of now, she lives with her better half in Los Angeles, California, US.

Tharita Cesaroni Career:

As the little girl of a laid out entertainer and vocalist, Tharita was captivated with the filmmaking business from an exceptionally youthful age. As she grew up, she took a distinct fascination with the film field and gradually developed her profession as a cinematographer in Italy. Her work earned respect and she turned into a laid out cinematography specialist and occasional cinematographer. At the same time, she likewise filled in as a filmmaker. In the wake of working for a long time in the field, she turned into a notable name in the Italian media.

However she was a star by her own doing in her nation of origin, she was until now obscure in the rest of the world. It was only after she met and hitched up Dermot Mulroney that she earned overall respect. They figured out how to stay quiet about their relationship from the press yet made it official after they got hitched. Being the spouse of a Hollywood star launched her into an existence of notoriety and prominence. Her better half is a renowned entertainer who broke onto the film scene with his presentation film ‘Sin of Guiltlessness’ and consistently acquired notoriety doing character jobs in motion pictures like ‘Youthful Weapons’, ‘Where the Day Takes You’, ‘A distant memory’, lead jobs in rom-coms like ‘My Closest companion’s Wedding’, ‘The Wedding Date’, and co-featured in outfit cast films like ‘The Family Stone’, ‘August: Osage Province’, and so forth. He has played vital parts in TV series like ‘Companions’, ‘New Young lady’, ‘Emergency’, and so on. His most well known ongoing appearance was in the Amazon miniseries ‘Homecoming’. The honor winning entertainer is likewise a gifted cellist and performer.

In the wake of moving to the U.S., she appears to have settled into the existence of a Hollywood spouse. Be that as it may, she has decided not to embrace her significant other’s last name and purportedly keeps up with her Italian personality as well. Distinction doesn’t appear to have impacted her much and she appears to favor avoiding the spotlight however much as could be expected. In any case, as the spouse of a superstar, she periodically makes exemptions for that standard and is seen going with her better half to film debut and grant occasions. She is frequently seen at occasions like ‘2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party’, ‘amfAR Los Angeles 2017’, from there, the sky’s the limit.

It is hazy in the event that she keeps on functioning as a filmmaker and cinematographer, however she has supposedly gathered abundance of her own and furthermore shares in her significant other’s fortune. She keeps a calm profile and isn’t dynamic on any virtual entertainment stage.

Tharita Cesaroni Net Worth: 

Tharita experienced childhood in a family that needed nothing. Despite the fact that she has not uncovered her dad’s calling, her mom procured a good pay from her profession as an entertainer and vocalist. Tharita has additionally worked in different jobs in film creation and cinematography. Starting around 2022, her total assets are $2 million.

Her significant other has had a more rewarding vocation as an entertainer, having dealt with greater undertakings. This implies that he is more extravagant, with a total assets of $9 million. The consolidated family total assets is, consequently, $11 million.

Tharita Cesaroni Relationship:

The world became mindful of Tharita when she married Dermot Mulroney. Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni exchanged guarantees of classified help that was gone to by friends and family. He is an eminent American performer known for sincere, western, show, and farce films and has been a performer beginning around 1986.

Mulroney’s father, Michael Mulroney, is a guideline educator at Villanova School of Guideline, and his mother, Ellen, was a regional theater performer. Presumably the most notable movies in which he has been featured include:

Tharita isn’t Mulroney’s most vital companion since he has been hitched beforehand. He married his most vital companion, Catherine Faster, in 1990. Faster and Mulroney had met four years earlier during the recording of Perseverance Mission. On June 21, 1999, they were respected with a youngster whom they named Clyde Speedier Mulroney. They secluded in 2005 and got isolated in 2007.

In 2008, Dermot Mulroney married Tharita Cesaroni, whose moniker is Prima Apollinaire. She didn’t take Mulroney’s last name yet decided to be known by her moniker. They have been together for more than 10 years and have two young ladies, Mabel Shaft and Sally Mulroney.

Facts about Tharita Cesaroni:

Early Life: Tharita Cesaroni was born on October 31, 1973, in Milan, Italy, where she also grew up before moving to the US as an adult.

Family Background: Her mother, Emy Cesaroni, is a renowned Italian singer and actress, while her father, Franco Catullé, comes from Catanzaro, Calabria. Details about his profession are not provided.

Education: There is limited information available about Tharita’s educational background.

Career: Tharita developed a passion for filmmaking from a young age, influenced by her mother’s career. She worked as a cinematographer and filmmaker in Italy, gaining recognition in the industry.

Marriage and Family: Tharita Cesaroni married American actor Dermot Mulroney in a private ceremony in 2008. They have two daughters together, Mabel Ray Mulroney and Sally June Mulroney.

Residence: Tharita resides with her husband in Los Angeles, California.

Net Worth: As of 2022, Tharita Cesaroni’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, while Dermot Mulroney’s net worth is $9 million, making their combined family net worth $11 million.


Tharita Cesaroni, born on October 31, 1973, in Milan, Italy, is the wife of American actor Dermot Mulroney. She grew up in Milan, influenced by her mother, Emy Cesaroni, a well-known Italian singer and actress. Tharita pursued a career in filmmaking, working as a cinematographer and occasional filmmaker in Italy, where she gained recognition. She married Dermot Mulroney in 2008, and they have two daughters together. Tharita maintains a low profile despite her husband’s fame and success in Hollywood.


Who is Tharita Cesaroni married to?

Tharita Cesaroni is married to American actor Dermot Mulroney.

How many children does Tharita Cesaroni have?

Tharita and Dermot Mulroney have two daughters together: Mabel Ray Mulroney and Sally June Mulroney.

What is Tharita Cesaroni’s net worth?

As of 2022, Tharita Cesaroni’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, while Dermot Mulroney’s net worth is $9 million, making their combined family net worth $11 million.

Where does Tharita Cesaroni reside?

Tharita lives with her husband Dermot Mulroney in Los Angeles, California.

What is Tharita Cesaroni’s career background?

Tharita worked as a cinematographer and filmmaker in Italy before marrying Dermot Mulroney. She gained recognition in the Italian film industry before transitioning into life as a Hollywood spouse.

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