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The SEO tricks of 2021 are very similar to those of 2021, which in turn were quite similar to those of 2020. That is, the basis of any SEO strategy or action to grow in Google is the same since it has become more complicated to trick you. Hi I am Aabhas Vijay from where I have scaled this blog in 3 months. I also rank for a very difficult keyword SMTP Server in the top 35 positions even in the starting of my blog.  

Complicated because it is sophisticated, of course. It is estimated that the search engine algorithm is updated approximately every 18 hours . Sometimes the changes are brutal and in others you don’t even know it, but the set of all of them is what marks the dynamics of the SEO tricks that continue to work today, in 2021.

After reading this lead, there is no doubt that you already know where the shots will go. Content , user , local SEO, multimedia …

Well, you are not wrong, really. I’m going to tell you SEO tricks of all kinds: from more generic in the medium / long term to more specific ones , with more immediate application.

SEO tricks: more than tricks, obligations

Yes, obligations. They look like tricks, but the direction the seeker’s boat is taking in recent times suggests that you either adopt them, or see you later . Let’s first talk about natural and logical things. At the end of the article we will focus on what you were probably looking for with that “SEO tricks”: the extras.

SEO tricks that work in 2017

# 1 Perfectly planned content SEO strategy

Don’t leave anything to chance . Getting secondary keywords is a nice result of a random search, but getting thirty TOP keywords just like that is never born by chance, and even less now that we are more than ever , worth the redundancy.

When you start to work the positioning of your website or that of a client, invest time and / or money in keyword research in conditions. One that tells you which path you are going to have to follow for the next twelve months. This list, more than a set of terms and their search volume, what gives you is a roadmap.

Each of your content should resolve a broader perspective and cater to all the issues related to the keywords that you wish to target, like in my content on SMTP Service or SMTP Relay I am targeting all the issues or information around SMTP Servers that the people are looking for.

A perfectly planned content strategy will help you with SEO

Based on this sheet, you design a coherent keyword architecture : TOP keywords at the top and as you lower the level or subdirectory, you fit the long tail. And this only with the static pages, because the true potential of this list is seen in the blog .

A good use of the content on the blog is the best SEO trick today. Ask the clients I work with. Here is one more example for the content on free email autoresponder tools where I am targeting keywords like free autoresponder for which I rank in top 15 just after 3 months of starting the blog. 

The posts position more and better than the static ones and they serve as the perfect complement to nourish them with internal links. Therefore, in an annual planning, you should create an editorial calendar that will mark exactly the following things:

  • Article title : what will end up being the H1.
  • Title of the article : the famous label, about which the trick # 2 is about.
  • Meta description : the title couple.
  • Keyword / s : a main and secondary. The amount varies depending on the length.
  • Publication date
  • Objective : attract organic traffic? Viralize it? Link baiting? Get subscribers?

When you have your plan made, you just have to start working .

# 2 Get the click with the title and meta description

The title is important to position because Google takes it very much into account when it reads it. That is, enter your keyword . But now more than ever what you have to achieve is not only for Google to position you, but for the user to choose you before the other nine with whom you share SERPs.

To seduce the user , nothing better than combining the title & meta description couple well .

Here is an example of a perfect title that you need to keep on optimising to get maximum clicks. My content in Mailchimp vs Sendinblue review ranks in the top 30 position just by trying different titles. 

I recommend that you throw the house out the window with the title and use the goal as an additional complement. How?

Find a way to enter the main keyword and at the same time, attract attention . We ask again: how?

Like it or not, the ” how to do … “, ” how to create … “, etc. they work very well. People get their attention and click, which is what you are looking for. You may like it more or less, but it is what works.

Starting with numbers is also a success: ” 10 ways to get … “, ” 7 SEO tricks that … “, ” The 10 truths about … “.

Another system is to use imperatives: “ Break with your… ”, “ Get 50,000… ”, etc.

The sample:

My Sendinblue review content ranks in top 25 in USA 

# 3 Think about responding to voice search

I recently published an article on how voice search was going to change the SEO landscape forever. Well, following the line and focusing on 2017, what you have to achieve in the beginning is, in addition to the click, that the user’s time stay on your page is high and does not generate a bounce as far as possible.

To do this, you can put yourself in the shoes of your ideal reader and think about how to search on the mobile . Do you ask questions? How do you formulate them? What expressions or terms do you use?

And you with your content have to satisfy these questions with answers . And of course, you can also add the questions or terms in an H3 header and get a link in the meta description that is shown to the user in the SERPs, like what you see in the first result of the previous image.

Two things can happen when solving user queries:

  • He will like you and will continue browsing your site
  • You will not need anything else and will close the tab or window

In the first case, the benefits are explicit . Not in the second and you will be generating a bounce in the eyes of Analytics, but be careful: why is Google going to penalize you if your content has satisfied a user who was looking for something?

Consider responding to voice search

Do not fear for a high bounce if Google estimates that the queries have been satisfied on your website!

# 4 Increase user time on your page

Even if it bounces, the more a user spends on your page, the better . Common sense gentlemen, as always.

What better than a 2 minute video to extend the stay on the page? One that you know they are going to see, of course. Or a large number of images that attract attention and enliven the reading . I don’t think you didn’t like the previous photo.

In this order, don’t neglect the responsive theme either. It can be responsive in the eyes of Google, but if a user with a low resolution screen –imagine that they have a mini laptop– enters your website and finds mounted boxes or overlapping texts, the SERPs will still look for one. better web . And that you do have to try to avoid it 100%.

To check it, take the window of your browser and go making it small, to see what happens. If something does not go well, you will see it right away and you will have to do some fix or get deeply into the 100% responsive design for the user.

# 5 Do inbound marketing

What are you waiting for? Present and future! Don’t forget about content marketing when you design your strategy in trick / must # 1. You can either write it yourself or hire an expert like Supreme Dissertations and TrustMyPaper.

  • When you don’t do inbound

You have to win over each of your customers or subscribers. Effort, titanic struggle and many hours of work so that in the end, possibly, they only read your content and nothing else.

  • When you do inbound

Every Tuesday your reader eagerly awaits his portion of content that, in addition to reading it, will move through the networks . It will be a viralizing agent for your articles. And be careful: he will be more and more interested in you so if you suddenly send him an offer with an affiliation, he has not finished reading the article that he has already registered. As it is.

Integrate SEO into an Inbound Marketing strategy

Imagine if instead of affiliation you present an info-product made by you… Guaranteed sale!

With SEO they come and with inbound they stay. Loyalty!

Extra SEO tricks

Now yes. If you already meet all the above obligations, following these little tips will help you climb positions in the rankings or appear in the SERPs more frequently.

# 6 Monthly updates on content

If you see an article that works for you, don’t leave it there: keep getting tooth .

You have two ways to do it:

  1. Creating a paragraph or two each month with new content attacking some secondary keyword in order to get it and, therefore, increasing organic traffic to that post. You will have to add it to the end of the article, or put it where you want. The idea is to make it grow in terms of content , for Google to see that it has been updated (if you update, let it come out on the date!) And give it reasons to visit you more often.
  2. Entering Google Search Console and going for the terms that generate the most impressions. Then you look at what middle position you are in and if it’s on the second page, attack! That is, reoptimize those terms half-positioned in your article. Put them in the content , in the headings, in the alt of the images, etc. You know that these are terms for which you are already on the second page of Google, so your push should be enough to boost it to the top 10 .

# 7 Geolocate yourself on Google

I’m not saying that you get deeply into local SEO , but you should configure its most basic parameters to have some presence in your city .

Geolocate yourself on Google to attract visitors from your city

It is proven that they are local searches or not, it is always easier for a person to appear results from geolocated pages in your area. So at the very least, what you will achieve with this short set-up of local SEO is to attract the traffic generated in your city from the queries that you are fighting with others.

People, the closer it is, the easier it is to get. Google knows it and rewards it; Generate a My Business file , give your NAP a boost and get ready to answer questions from those closest to you.

# 8 Semanticize your content

Here I appeal to the famous LSI . Cable Google with their semantization and DIY your content . That is, if you are optimizing a particular word, surround it with content from the same family

You can either write it yourself or hire an expert like Supreme Dissertations and TrustMyPaper.

To explain it we can start from this example: imagine that you want to create a micro niche about flowers and you are with the daisy article. For Google to understand you faster and get you up to speed, the text on the daisy should contain terms such as tulip, rose, flowers, plants, spring, petals , etc.

Why? Because margarita is also the name of a cocktail and Google knows it. If you don’t help him discern, he will have to do it himself and it will cost him more. That extra cost costs him money, and Google is not stupid: it will dedicate more resources to whoever demands the least cost.

Take out the dictionary of synonyms and semantic families and make it easy for it.

# 9 Be careful with the links

The penguin has said “not everything goes” and has done so with a real-time update of the contribution of the links that a web page receives.

Be very careful with the links you get. The purchase, the obvious reciprocity, the favors and others are increasingly viewed with a magnifying glass and here, once you get the link, the risk of penalty is imminent.

use the links, but keep them natural

The good thing is that to get out of it in case of falling, what was a disadvantage before is now an advantage. You solve it quickly and out. This, more than an obligation or SEO trick, is advice. The link building is very sweet, but you have to go on eggshells if you do not want to fall into the trap.

Well, so far the SEO obligations / tips / tricks for this 2021. I sense that next year’s will be relatively similar; we will find out.

If you want to share with me a trick that has worked for you on your website, it goes without saying that I wait for you in the comments like water in May.

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