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Online marketing strategies to consider during a pandemic

The world was abruptly brought to its knees in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019.  Everyone the world over has since been adjusting to a new way of life. The quick spread of the virus from china to all corners of the globe proved that the world is as interconnected as ever, and there is little to no chance of living in complete isolation in the modern world. 

The economic impact the pandemic has caused has been devastating. Millions of people have lost their jobs as companies struggle to stay afloat by downsizing with a majority of businesses closing down, reporting significant losses month after month. For those that remained, their business strategies shifted overnight. Companies began to focus solely on online marketing and changing their business model to fit this dynamic due to people minimizing movement, staying indoors, and spending most of their time and money online.

As a result of this new shift, many Austin web design companies & others similarly elsewhere have reported a steady rise in client numbers as businesses focus spending on online marketing and web design solutions. Building and capitalizing on an online brand presence with the ability to serve customers digitally has become a key factor for stability &, ultimately, survival.   

How you communicate with your clientele matters

Many consumers have come to realize that some of the companies they spent their money on only cared about that, and it has hurt companies that remained impersonal. Businesses that also fired a vast majority of their workforce with little to no explanation and absolutely no safety net also came under scrutiny from the public and disgruntled employees. These actions have hurt their image with people opting to spend on competitors who seemed more empathetic.

During this period, it is imperative to be relatable with your consumers. Showing that you understand and are ready to ease the pressure for consumers is essential in building trust. Reducing prices, providing deliveries or online services, and exclaiming your readiness to tailor your solutions to suit consumer needs will ultimately help draw and retain customers. 

Digitize & localize your sales and distribution

A large portion of the population staying and working from home has led to a lot more time spent online. Businesses are taking advantage of this by digitizing their sales and distribution models to grow and retain their customer base. E-commerce websites are rapidly springing up in Texas through reputable Austin web design companies being commissioned for the tasks as businesses seek to localize their sales and distribution model to serve their immediate community directly.  

Boost spending on internet marketing

It may seem counter-intuitive, but now is the best time to focus on and boost spending on internet marketing. Most businesses have left the market, or are focused on reducing their spending, which gives room for advertising space. It is the best time to experiment with advertising and increase ad spend to see what works and what doesn’t. Understanding how the market works right now can provide valuable insight and put you ahead of the pack.

The current state of the world dictates that we change our way of thinking and functioning, ushering in a new era. Business models will never be the same as the growing popularity of remote work, and the minimization of physical contact with consumers grows every day. The expanding and ever crucial digital landscape comes with new opportunities and innovation that businesses can use to their advantage.

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