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Who is Lydia Violet Age? Biography, Height, Twitch, Boyfriend & Wikipedia


Lydia Violet (born 21 January 2003) is a UK-based Twitch streamer, Tiktok star, and social media influencer. She is best known for streaming on her Twitch account. So far, she has accumulated more than 165k followers on the platform.

Further, she actively uploads short videos on her Tiktok and Instagram accounts. Read the entire article to find the latest information about her age, height, wiki, real name, net worth, bf, bio, weight, body measurements, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, nationality, religion, facts, and more.

Lydia Violet Age

Introducing Lydia Violet, a lively 20-year-old German born on January 21st, 2003. Because of her mixed ancestry, Lydia conceals her nationality.She recently celebrated her 20th birthday in style on a Twitch live stream, surrounded by her fans and friends. An Aquarius by zodiac sign, Lydia Violet shared the joy of the moment with everyone who joined in for the celebration.

Who is Lydia Violet?

Lydia Violet is a popular British content creator, recognized for her entertaining presence on various platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Renowned for her humor, engaging content, and gaming skills, she has amassed a substantial following of millions who appreciate her charisma, wit, talents, and distinctive style.

Lydia Violet Bio

Lydia Violet, hailing from an English family in the United Kingdom, joyfully marks her birthday on January 21st. She goes by the real name Lydia Wilson and falls under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Despite completing high school, Lydia has chosen to keep her educational qualifications a private matter.


Real NameLydia Wilson
ProfessionTwitch streamer, Tiktok star, and social media influencer
Age21 [as of 2024]
Date of Birth21 January 2003
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
HometownManchester, England
Zodiac SignAquarius
NationalityNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForTiktox and Streaming

Lydia Violet Education

Lydia Violet spent her early school years in Manchester until she turned 16. After that, she and her family moved to London, where she joined a media and communication college. Lydia has been passionate about gaming and video production since her childhood, making these interests a constant part of her life.

Lydia Violet Height

The age of Lydia Violet in 2024 will be 21. Her fair-colored hair and captivating blue eyes accentuate her attractiveness. At five feet and three inches tall, she weighs about 55 kg. Lydia is well-proportioned, wearing a US shoe size 5.5 with ease. Her dimensions are 34-24-35.

Lydia Violet Personal life

As of my previous update, no information was available on Lydia Violet’s romantic history. There is no indication of a significant other or relationship status, as she is keeping things under wraps. Lydia may find herself traveling alone by June 2023.

Lydia Violet Family

We looked into Lydia Violet’s past but were unable to find any information on her parents or siblings because she leads a rather secretive life. Lydia seemed to want to conceal that aspect of her life for the time being. Regarding religion, she adheres to Christianity and values her mixed heritage. Therefore, Lydia is honest about her beliefs and her varied history, even though we don’t know much about her family.

Lydia Violet Career

Lydia Violet kickstarted her social media journey in July 2021, debuting her Twitch channel. Renowned for her engaging Just Chatting streams, she captivates audiences by reacting to diverse videos and fostering interaction with her fans.

Demonstrating remarkable consistency, Lydia dedicates herself to streaming nearly every day, averaging an impressive 100 hours per month. Initially gathering just a few thousand followers, her channel’s popularity skyrocketed, surpassing a hundred thousand followers within a little over a year.

As of the current date, Lydia boasts an impressive Twitch following, amassing over 321k loyal fans. Beyond Twitch, she remains actively engaged on major social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Her strategy across these platforms involves sharing concise video content. Lydia adeptly curates humorous snippets from her live streams, showcasing them on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This approach has proved fruitful, with several of her short videos going viral. Remarkably, one of her videos on YouTube has received an incredible 13 million views.

Lydia has gained a significant following of nearly 902k on TikTok and an astounding 18.4 million likes overall by standing out on the platform. While her focus lies on short-form content, Lydia diversifies her content on YouTube. In addition to the bite-sized clips, she produces longer reaction videos, which, though not reaching the same view counts, contribute to her revenue through ads.

At present, Lydia Violet’s YouTube channel has over 739k followers and an astounding 441 million video views overall. Her diverse approach to social media has established her as a content creator with a large and active following across a range of channels, in addition to solidifying her profile on Twitch.

Lydia Violet net worth 

Lydia Violet has built up an estimated net worth of around $180,000. Her main hustle comes from Twitch, where she’s a Partner. That’s where the magic happens – running ads and getting those sweet donations and cheers from her audience during her live streams.

There’s more, though! In addition to everything else, she earns a tidy sum of change from her two thousand devoted subscribers who pay to subscribe to her channel.

Now, onto her YouTube gig. Her short videos don’t rake in much dough, but her longer ones? They bring home the bacon, earning her about a grand in ad revenue.

All in all, Lydia’s got her fingers in a few pies, but Twitch is where she really shines, pulling in the big bucks and keeping her fans coming back for more.

Lydia Violet Social Media Handles

Meet Lydia Violet, the dynamic content creator making waves across social media platforms. If you’re up for some live action, catch her on Twitch at @lydiaviolettv, where she’s gathered an incredible following of over 175k fans. Participate in her gaming sessions, engage in her lively conversation, and don’t miss the entertaining movie evenings she throws.

Check her out at @lydia_violet on TikTok for quick amusement. Lydia posts funny and relatable videos there about dating online, gaming culture, and current online trends. She has amassed an incredible 700k followers and millions of likes on TikTok, making her a sensation.

Lydia uses Instagram as her creative outlet; you can follow her journey there at @lydiavioletofficial. View gorgeous pictures with different attire, settings, and positions. See a glimpse of her everyday activities and be informed about her streaming schedule. Her Instagram following has increased to almost 200k users.

Visit Lydia Violet’s YouTube account if you’re in the mood for more in-depth videos. Fittingly called Lydia Violet, the channel features a wide range of content, from engaging vlogs chronicling her travels to highlights from her Twitch feed. You can also catch engaging Q&A sessions with her fans. The subscriber count has surpassed 500k, showcasing the growing popularity of her YouTube presence.


  • Lydia Violet’s real name is Lydia Wilson.
  • She was born on January 21, 2003, in the United Kingdom.
  • Lydia started her social media journey in July 2021 with her Twitch channel.
  • Her Twitch following has grown to over 321k loyal fans, and she streams nearly every day.
  • Lydia’s content strategy includes sharing humorous snippets from her live streams on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • One of her YouTube videos has amassed over 13 million views.
  • Lydia Violet’s estimated net worth is around $180,000, primarily earned through Twitch subscriptions, ad revenue, and donations.


Lydia Violet, born on January 21, 2003, is a prominent UK-based content creator known for her presence on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She has garnered a significant following through her engaging streams, humorous content, and gaming skills. Lydia is particularly popular for her Just Chatting streams on Twitch and her humorous snippets on TikTok and Instagram. Despite her secretive personal life, she has managed to captivate millions of followers across various social media platforms. Lydia has successfully established herself as a content creator with a diverse approach, catering to a wide audience.


What is Lydia Violet’s real name?

Lydia Violet’s real name is Lydia Wilson.

When was Lydia Violet born?

Lydia Violet was born on January 21, 2003.

What platforms is Lydia Violet active on?

Lydia Violet is active on Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

What is Lydia Violet’s net worth?

Lydia Violet’s estimated net worth is around $180,000.

What is Lydia Violet known for?

Lydia Violet is known for her entertaining presence on social media platforms, particularly for her Twitch streams, TikTok videos, and humorous content.

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