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Discovering Your the Enigma: Ken Goldin’s Wife and the Story Beyond the Auction Hammer


Ken Goldin, born on August 18, 1965, has carved out a prominent space for himself in America, hailing from Voorhees, New Jersey. His roots run deep in this community, where his family was firmly established. Ken Goldin is a name that most people involved in the American entertainment industry are definitely familiar with. His success as a businessman, TV personality, and sports card collector makes him stand out as a celebrity.

If you’re a fan eager to delve into the life of this illustrious figure, here’s a comprehensive look at Ken Goldin’s journey, featuring insights into his net worth, physical attributes, marital status, career, and more.

Who is Ken Goldin’s Wife?

Ken Goldin’s better half is none other than Jenn Goldin, a licensed clinical psychologist with an impressive track record. Over the last ten years, she has been at the helm of Palm Beach Women’s Consulting, showcasing her leadership skills. Interestingly, before this role, she lent her expertise as a consultant to various companies.

Ken, on the other hand, has maintained a certain level of privacy when it comes to discussing his marriage in public. However, a curious twist unfolds as he consistently shares snapshots of his wife across his social media accounts. The enigma deepens as no specific wedding date is publicly known, adding an element of mystery to their union.

Despite the secrecy, it’s evident that the Goldins have cultivated a strong family bond over the years. Ken, despite his busy schedule, actively carves out time to spend with his loved ones, reflecting a commitment to both his professional and personal life. Their journey together seems to be one filled with shared moments and a dedication to building a thriving family.

Ken Goldin Wife Bio

Ken Goldin was born in Voorhees, New Jersey, on a lovely August 18, 1965. He’s a real blue American business magnate who likes to amass sports collectibles. Ken began his adventure in the world of collectibles at the age of thirteen, focusing on his hobby of gathering and offering baseball cards for sale.Unbelievably, his early accomplishment paid for his tuition and paved the way for future success—rather than just providing him with more pocket money.

After navigating the twists and turns of high school life, Ken Goldin eagerly stepped into the realm of higher education at the George Washington School of Business. His undergraduate years turned out to be a pivotal moment, during which he improved his abilities and broadened his knowledge.

The beginnings of Ken’s career were laid when he was deeply involved in the trading and purchasing of baseball cards. A passing interest in sports memorabilia quickly developed into a deep-seated devotion. Ken’s ambition was fueled by a genuine and deep love for the game, not merely a desire to make a quick profit.

As he transitioned from high school adventures to the challenging landscape of academia, Ken’s dedication to the sports memorabilia industry continued to grow. The journey wasn’t solely about financial success; it was driven by a genuine connection to the game that fueled Ken’s determination and enthusiasm.

Imagine a young Ken, immersed in a room filled with piles of baseball cards, driven by both ambition and a true passion for the world of collectibles. Little did he realize that these modest origins would set the stage for an extraordinary journey in the business realm.

Ken Goldin Wife Children

Ken Goldin shares his life with three wonderful children: Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. Interestingly, his ex-wife also bears the name Laura. In the world of Netflix, Ken’s daughter Laura takes center stage in the show “King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch.”

Despite his other two kids being just 9 and 5 years old, they bring joy and energy to Ken’s life. The year 2023 marked the introduction of Ken and his daughter Laura to Netflix audiences, showcasing their unique bond on the original series “King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch.”

On-screen, the father-daughter duo shares a delightful relationship, always bantering and joking with each other. The show even delves into Ken’s past, shedding light on his proposal to Jennifer, Laura’s mom, during a memorable trip to Puerto Rico. The narratives of family, relationships, and the world of collectibles unfold in a captivating way.

Beyond the screen, the article suggests that there was a breakup between Ken and Jennifer, adding a layer of personal history to the story. If you’re intrigued by such fascinating tales, you’re invited to join us on our Twitter account for more engaging articles and updates.


Real NameKen Goldin
ProfessionEntrepreneur, TV personality, and sports cards collector
Age58 [as of 2023]
Date of Birth18 August 1965
BirthplaceNew Jersey, USA
HometownNew Jersey, USA
Zodiac SignNot Known
CollegeDrexel University
Famous ForSelling sports collectibles

ken goldin wife Education

Ken Goldin is a patriotic American who was born in New Jersey, USA, into a household of American parents. Leo is his birth sign, and he approaches everything with fervor and tenacity.

After Ken wrapped up high school, he took his educational journey to The George Washington University School of Business to snag his bachelor’s degree. His insatiable curiosity did not end there, though. He continued his studies at Drexel University in 1987 and graduated with a master’s in business administration and management.Ken Goldin’s narrative is about more than simply schooling; it’s a journey characterized by hard work and a desire to improve.

Ken Goldin Wife Age/Height

It is anticipated that Ken Goldin will turn 58 in 2023. He is a man of experience and stature, standing at around 182 cm (5 feet 11 inches) tall and weighing about 87 kg (191 lbs).His brown eyes and light blonde hair really catch the eye.We know he walks confidently in shoes size 12 (US), even if his precise measurements are yet unclear.

Ken Goldin Wife Personal life

Ken Goldin is currently happily married, although he prefers to keep the identity of his wife private. In the past, he was married to Jennifer Goldin, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, who dedicated nearly a decade to running Palm Beach Women’s Counseling. Before that, she worked as an independent consultant for a few years.

Looking back on his first marriage, Ken and Jennifer shared many years together. Unfortunately, they eventually decided to part ways due to personal reasons. Despite the challenges, Ken seems to have found happiness in his current marriage, even if the details remain private.

Ken Goldin Wife Family

Ken Goldin isn’t just a powerhouse in his professional life; he’s also a devoted family man. He shares his life with his second wife, Jennifer Goldin, and together they have three wonderful children – two daughters named Laura and Carleigh, and a son named Paul. Ken takes immense pride in being a father and often shares moments of joy from his family life on social media. It’s clear that his happy place is not only his flourishing career but also his loving family. In the moments he shares with his admirers, his sincere excitement for life is evident.

Ken Goldin Wife Career

Ken Goldin embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in his twenties, fueled by a childhood passion for sports packs. Even as a kid, he would eagerly spend his savings on purchasing these packs from local pharmacies. Before completing his master’s degree, Ken, alongside his father, founded their first significant business, The Score Board LLC, in 1986. The company collaborated with sports personalities, selling their autographed cards to consumers.

The duo’s success story began when they purchased thousands of cards at a flea market, recognizing their potential value. They sought out sports stars to sign these cards and successfully resold them to the public, achieving over $1 million in sales by 1987. The company continued to thrive, reaching nine-digit annual sales in 1994. However, Ken eventually left the company due to oversupply in the card business, leading to the company’s bankruptcy in the following years.

In January 1998, Ken Goldin started a new venture called Goldin Sports Inc, according to his LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately, detailed information about this business is not readily available. Despite leaving his previous company, Ken continued leveraging his expertise in selling collectibles through TV appearances in the early 21st century. These appearances solidified his status as a prominent figure among card collectors.

In January 2012, Ken launched Goldin Auctions, an online collectible marketplace. Over the past decade, the company has facilitated the sale of sports memorabilia exceeding $1 billion to notable personalities. The company consistently achieves annual sales in the hundreds of millions. Ken also engages with his audience by conducting live auctions on Instagram, where he boasts a following of just over a hundred thousand.

Recently, Ken Goldin made a notable appearance on the Netflix TV show “King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch,” released in April 2023. The series provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Ken manages his auction house and features appearances by well-known celebrities such as Drake, Logan Paul, and Mike Tyson.

Ken Goldin Wife net worth 

Ken Goldin, the CEO and founder of Goldin Auctions, primarily earns his income through the company, estimated at around $48 million. The main chunk of revenue comes from a 20% commission on every sale facilitated through the company’s website.

Beyond his involvement in the auction industry, Ken strategically allocates his time and resources into investments that appreciate over time, such as real estate and sports collectibles. Apart from these disclosed ventures, it’s likely that he engages in other income-generating activities not publicly disclosed.

Ken Goldin Wife Relationship

Ken Goblin and Jenn Goldin make a wonderful team in the journey of life. They are not just partners in marriage, but also the proud parents of three beautiful children. Jenn, a skilled clinical psychologist, has made a significant mark in her field by establishing her own clinic named Palm Beach Women Counseling. This project, which has been flourishing for more than ten years, is a testament to her commitment to and proficiency in aiding people.

Before venturing into the entrepreneurial world, Jennifer had a rich background as an independent practitioner in psychology. Her journey from independence to successful clinic ownership is a testament to her passion and commitment to her profession.

Ken, besides being a savvy entrepreneur, stands out as a role model for aspiring fathers and husbands. His understanding of his role in the family is not just theoretical but is gracefully implemented in everyday life. He takes on responsibilities with a caring and supportive approach, creating a loving and nurturing environment for his family.

Ken and Jenn represent the quintessence of a peaceful partnership, when individual and professional accomplishments are acknowledged together. Their narrative serves as motivation for others who must balance the demands of a family and a job.

Ken Goldin’s Instagram

If you’re curious to dive deeper into the world of Goldin Auctions and get a closer look at the CEO and his business, you can follow Ken Goldin on Instagram at @kengoldin. Stay connected to stay in the loop!


  • Net Worth: Ken Goldin’s estimated net worth is around $48 million, primarily earned through his company, Goldin Auctions.
  • Career Highlights: Ken started in the collectibles business at age thirteen, co-founding The Score Board LLC with his father in 1986. He later founded Goldin Sports Inc and, in 2012, launched Goldin Auctions.
  • Family: Ken and Jenn Goldin have three children – Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. Laura is featured in the Netflix series “King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch.”
  • Personal Life: Ken was born in Voorhees, New Jersey, and attended the George Washington School of Business and Drexel University. He is currently married to Jenn Goldin after his first marriage with Jennifer ended.
  • Physical Attributes: Ken is expected to turn 58 in 2023, stands at approximately 182 cm (5 feet 11 inches), and weighs around 87 kg (191 lbs).


Ken Goldin, born on August 18, 1965, is a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry. As the CEO and founder of Goldin Auctions, he has amassed significant success, with an estimated net worth of around $48 million. Ken’s income primarily comes from a 20% commission on sales through his company’s website, and he strategically invests in real estate and sports collectibles. Ken is known for his privacy, but his wife, Jenn Goldin, a licensed clinical psychologist, is occasionally featured on his social media. They have three children – Laura, Paul, and Carleigh.


Who is Ken Goldin’s wife?

Ken Goldin’s wife is Jenn Goldin, a licensed clinical psychologist.

What is Ken Goldin’s net worth?

Ken Goldin’s estimated net worth is around $48 million.

How many children does Ken Goldin have?

Ken Goldin has three children – Laura, Paul, and Carleigh.

What is Ken Goldin’s career background?

Ken Goldin started in the collectibles business at a young age, co-founding The Score Board LLC, and later founded Goldin Sports Inc. In 2012, he launched Goldin Auctions, which has facilitated the sale of sports memorabilia exceeding $1 billion.

What is the Instagram handle of Ken Goldin?

Ken Goldin’s Instagram handle is @kengoldin.

When did Ken Goldin start Goldin Auctions?

Ken Goldin launched Goldin Auctions in January 2012, an online collectible marketplace that has achieved over $1 billion in sports memorabilia sales.

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