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Who is Eric Hartter? Biography, Career, Early Life And Everything you need to know

Did you know that tattoo needles can vibrate up to 3000 times per minute? How much pain someone experiences during the process of being tattooed differs from one person to another depending on his or her tolerance to pain and purpose for having such marks in their bodies. Tattooing is a profession that requires passion as well as expertise, like Eric Hartter, a famous American tattoo artist does. Unfortunately, many are not able to experience his art because he died.

Even before he died, Eric Hartter was acclaimed as creative and talented since he contributed significantly to the field of tattoos. His work was admired by many for its originality and skill. Besides being known for his artistry, there has been mention about Eric Hartter with regards to something else. The popular rapper Eminem is also known as Stevie Laine Scott’s adopted father who was born by Eminem’s wife from her previous relationship with Eric Hartter. Hence, this family set up created an interesting addition to Eminem’s life beyond his successful music career.

Who is Eric Hartter? 

Eric Hartter, an American tattoo artist, gained significant attention not only for his talent in tattooing but also due to his romantic relationship with Kim Mathers. His tattoo business was instrumental in his rise to fame within the industry, showcasing his skills and creativity.

However, Eric Hartter became even more widely known when it was revealed that his child was adopted by the renowned hip-hop artist Eminem. This news generated headlines and added another layer of interest to Hatter’s story. Despite this connection, Hartter was unable to establish a relationship with his daughter at the time due to ongoing legal issues he was facing.

Eric Hartter’s life reflects the complexities that often accompany fame and personal challenges. His artistic prowess and the intriguing aspects of his personal life continue to be part of his legacy within both the tattoo community and popular culture.

Eric Hartter Wiki

Full NameEric Hartter
Age (at time of death)40 years
Year of Birth1980
Year of Death2020
Place of BirthUSA
Cause of DeathDrug overdose
ChildrenWhitney Scott Mathers (daughter)
OccupationTattoo artist
Weight76 kilograms
Eye ColourDark brown
Hair ColourBrown
Famous asKim Mathers’ ex-boyfriend

Eric Hartter’s relationships 

Kimberly Mathers was having a love affair with Eric in the year 2001, especially when Kim and Eminem were on separation. It did not last for long but they conceived a daughter named Whitney Scott who later changed her name to Stevie Laine Scott. Unfortunately, Eric was absent at Stevie’s birth due to an arrest warrant and various charges related to drug possession and other crimes.

Eric and Kimberly had a lot of problems in their relationship after the birth of Stevie that led to their breaking up. Apparently Kimberly refused giving Eric visitation rights to see Stevie. Such situations are typical of personal relationships more so where there are legal issues or parental rights under hard times

Eric Hartter is of Mixed Ethnicity

On January 22, 1979, Eric Hartter was born to his mother Marie Mastrogiovanni Hartter in Michigan, USA. The details about his father are unknown. However, he was of mixed race but the specific mixture is undisclosed. He had American citizenship.

As he kept a very private life, information regarding Eric’s early background such as education and siblings is not accessible to the general public. Although he came from a good family background, Eric had a poor upbringing and as a child was forced into casual employment so as to make both ends to meet.

Eric Hartter was a Professional Tattoo Artist

In his life, Eric was a talented tattoo artist whose skills were widely recognized throughout the United States. Nonetheless, his professional life began to deteriorate after he was reportedly discovered to be addicted to drugs. Consequently, this saw him being pursued by law enforcement and anti-drug agencies. 

Eric had many encounters with the police as he faced multiple drug possession charges which warranted him paying exorbitant amounts of money to the court sentences for these convictions. In December 2018, Eric and two other suspects were arrested after allegedly stealing a Red Bull can worth approximately $200 from CVS.

Eric’s career as a tattoo artist took a nosedive due to his involvement in drugs. His artistry was overshadowed by legal troubles and criminal activities that marked a tragedy in his life.

He Became Popular as Kimberly Anne Scott’s Boyfriend, Eminem’s Ex-wife

He Became Popular as Kimberly Anne Scott’s Boyfriend, Eminem’s Ex-wife

Kimberly Scott was formerly married to Eminem, a widely known American rapper. Prior to this marriage, they had already been a couple for years since their teenage days.

After Kimberly broke up with Eminem, she started dating Eric Hartter. This relationship, though, lasted only from 2001 through 2002. It was during this time that Kimberly and Eric welcomed their daughter Whitney Scott Mathers on April 16th 2002. However, shortly after Whitney’s birth Kimberly and Eric separated never to be husband and wife in the eyes of the law.

This change in dynamics is representative of the complexity of their personal lives during that period characterized by major shifts and changes upon the ending of Kim’s marriage with Eminem.

Eric Hartter was Never Part of Whitney Scott Mather’s Life

Eric Hartter unfortunately never had the opportunity to establish a relationship with his daughter, Whitney Scott. He was absent during her birth because he was evading law enforcement at the time. Despite his desire to see his daughter, Kimberly Scott refused his requests and insisted that Eric prove Whitney’s paternity in court.

However, Eric was unable to appear in court due to the risk of arrest stemming from his involvement in drug-related activities. Consequently, he remained distanced from his daughter’s life.

In 2005, Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem), despite his divorce from Kimberly, legally adopted Whitney. This decision was made as Kimberly was struggling with drug issues and Eric faced legal troubles of his own.

Marie, Eric’s mother, sought access to her granddaughter through legal means by suing Eminem. However, the court did not rule in her favor, and Whitney grew up with her adoptive family under Eminem’s care.

The circumstances surrounding Whitney’s upbringing underscore the complexities and challenges faced by the individuals involved, with legal issues and personal struggles affecting family dynamics and relationships.

Aside from Whitney Scott Mather, Eric Hartter Had Other Children

Eric Hartter, the talented tattoo artist, never married during his lifetime. Following his relationship with Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Scott, Eric maintained a secretive personal life and prioritized avoiding legal issues over starting a family.

Although details about Eric’s children were initially unknown, it later emerged that he had additional children with a woman named Sara Hubbard. This information came to light when Sara paid tribute to Eric following his passing.

The revelation of Eric’s other children highlights aspects of his personal life that were previously undisclosed, underscoring the complexity and private nature of his relationships and family dynamics.

What Happened To Eric Hartter?

On August 22, 2019, Eric Hartter tragically passed away. His body was discovered by his mother, Marie, in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan. The cause of his death was determined to be a combination of a heavy dose of fentanyl and cocaine, according to the findings of an autopsy conducted by a group of medical examiners.

Prior to his death, Eric had experienced legal troubles. In December 2018, he was arrested for theft after allegedly stealing a Red Bull energy drink valued at $200 with accomplices. Within 24 hours of this arrest, he was detained again on charges related to felony contraband involving methamphetamine and fentanyl.

Eric pleaded guilty to these charges on March 12, 2019, and was subsequently sentenced to a 153-day jail term in July of that year, along with a two-year probation period. He was released from jail sometime in July 2019.

The circumstances surrounding Eric Hartter’s life and his tragic passing highlight the challenges and consequences associated with substance abuse and legal issues. His story serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of addiction and the struggles faced by individuals battling such issues.

Whitney Scott Never Knew Her Biological Father Until His Death

Whitney Scott, who is Eminem’s youngest daughter, had believed all her life that Eminem was her biological father and had no clue of her true parentage. When Eric Hartter died in 2019, Whitney came across an article that disclosed him as her biological father.

Through a TikTok video posted by Whitney; she seemed shocked upon learning that the rapper was not his real dad while someone from behind remarked that she was adopted. It emerged in what Whitney said about having received an article about her biological father’s death and also hearing about this from her grandmother.

The video captures the volatile reaction of Whitney to this revelation thus showing how complicated it is to know one’s family ties later in life. It shows the internal struggles faced by individuals going through these profound revelations concerning their identity and family history.


Birth and Early Life: On January 22, 1979 in Michigan, USA, Marie Mastrogiovanni Hartter gave birth to Eric Hartter. His father is unknown. Although his specific ethnicity is not known, he carried American citizenship. Information regarding his education and siblings are still kept private.

Career as a Tattoo Artist: In the United States of America, Eric Hartter became famous as an expert tattooist who had a huge following. Such qualities as talent and creativity have played a major role in this industry where he has gained fame.

Relationship with Kimberly Scott: After Eminem’s separation from Kimberly Scott in the year 2001-2002, Eric Hartter was dating her. Their affair resulted into the birth of a daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers (later Stevie Laine Scott).

Absence in Whitney’s Life: Because of legal problems and drug addiction Eric was unable to have any relationship with his daughter Whitney Scott who came to be called by that name because she was born while Kimbery still went by the surname Scot. Kimbery did not allow Eric to visit their daughter but demanded paternity proof which he could not provide due to legal issues.

Eminem’s Adoption of Whitney: Eminem legally adopted Whitney in 2005 despite divorcing Kimberly Scott because at that time she was grappling with substance abuse problems whereas Eric Hartter had some run-ins with law enforcement agencies.

Legal Issues and Death: Drug charges among others were leveled against Eric Hatter resulting from numerous criminal cases presented before him. Unfortunately, he died on August 22nd, 2019 at age forty years old after his lifeless body was found inside an abandoned house located somewhere within Detroit city in Michigan state indicating that death occurred as a result of combined overdose of fentanyl alongside cocaine traces according to postmortem findings.


American tattoo artist Eric Hartter was known for his talent and creativity in the industry. Born on January 22, 1979, somewhere in Michigan, the early life details of Eric are hidden from us as regards to who his dad was or what race he belonged to. He chose to be a tattoo artist and eventually gained recognition as among the best.

Eric’s personal affairs got public attention after his association with Kimberly Scott who is an ex-wife of a rap star called Eminem. The two had a short-term relationship which led to their daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers (Stevie Laine Scott). He however had run-ins with the law that included drug-related offences that made it virtually impossible for him to have any form of relationship with his daughter.

Whitney Scott discovered through her mother’s words that she wasn’t Eminem’s biological child but in fact belonged to another man who died due to fentanyl mixed with cocaine during August 2019.

The artful life of Eric Hartter reveals a troubled journey involving substance abuse, legal issues, and complex family relationships overshadowing the memory of being an immensely talented tattooist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Eric Hartter?

A: Eric Hartter was an American tattoo artist known for his talent and creativity in the industry. During this time he became famous when he dated Kim Mathers, Eminem’s former wife, and they had one daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers.

Q: What happened to Eric Hartter?

A: Sadly on August 22nd 2019 at age forty years old ,Eric hartter breathed no more. His body was found dead at abandoned house located at Detroit Michigan. It was determined that he died because of overdosing on Fentanel mixed with Cocaine.

Q: Who is Whitney Scott Mathers? Who is her biological father?

A: Whitney Scott Mathers also known as Stevie Laine Scott is Kimberly Scott and Eric Hartter’s daughter. She was adopted by Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) after her parent’s legal and personal battles.

Q: Why did Eric Hartter never have a relationship with his daughter, Whitney Scott?

A: However, due to legal issues such as drug offenses, he had no way of building a bond with his offspring. In fact Kim refused visitation rights for his father because she wanted him to prove it by blood but he couldn’t because of the same problems mentioned earlier.

Q: Who helped Whitney Scott learn about her biological father, Eric Hartter?

A: After Hartter’s death articles published revealed that He was Whitney’s actual father. At this time, the girl had believed that she was Eminem’s biological child until then.

Q: What is Eric Hartter remembered for?

A: The story of an artist is sometimes one filled with addiction and troubles in courtrooms like that of Eric hartter who was a good tattooer but lost everything. This account serves as both narrative and warning sign on drug abuse struggles faced by addicts during family setups characterized by complexity.

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