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Introducing Andy Elliott, a dynamic entrepreneur and distinguished expert in the world of car sales. As the visionary founder and CEO of The Elliott Group, he has gained acclaim for transforming sales strategies within the automotive sector. Known for his ability to drive success for both individuals and companies, Elliott’s groundbreaking methods have firmly established him as a preeminent figure in the realm of selling cars.

Andy Elliott Net worth:

Meet Andy Elliott, a guy who’s sitting pretty with a cool $12 million net worth, thanks to his killer combo of business smarts and mad skills in the art of selling cars. It’s not just about the money for Andy; it’s about his out-of-the-box thinking and the way he teaches others to crush it in the car sales game. His methods? Think creativity and adaptability cranked up to 11 – the secret sauce behind the success stories of many wannabe car sales pros.

So, how did Andy go from zero to hero in the cash department? It’s all about making savvy business moves that scream “I get this market stuff.” His ability to ride the waves and pounce on golden opportunities has been the ticket to stacking up his wealth. But it’s not just about the dollar bills – Andy’s net worth is like a high-five to the impact he’s made on the car sales scene. By arming folks with the skills to kick butt in the competitive world of car sales, he’s not just building careers; he’s leveling up the whole industry.

In a nutshell, Andy Elliott’s net worth isn’t just a fancy number; it’s a gauge of the real-deal influence he’s had on the lives of those he’s coached in the tricky world of selling cars. It shouts out his commitment to excellence, spreading knowledge, and boosting peeps up the ladder in the wild ride of automotive sales.

Who is Andy Elliot ?

Meet Andy Elliott, a trailblazer and creative mind in the world of automotive sales training, leaving an unforgettable mark on the industry. As the big boss at The Elliott Group, he’s not just the CEO – he’s the architect behind a new era in car sales, tossing in fresh ideas and racking up wins. But here’s the kicker: despite starting from the ground up, Andy’s rise to the top is a story of pure grit and love for the game.

What makes Andy stand out isn’t just his role in changing the game of automotive sales – it’s also his unique way of teaching and a deep understanding of the car world. No wonder everyone’s knocking on his door for coaching and mentorship, with many owing their success to his guidance. Beyond the job achievements, Andy’s story is about turning a genuine passion for cars into a thriving business that helps others in the same lane.

But hold on, there’s more to Andy than just cars and sales. Picture this: a pro football player turned business guru. Yep, that’s Andy’s diverse journey. This dive into his life covers everything – from his early days and personal stories to the big wins in his career. It’s a spotlight on the qualities that shot him to stardom in both sports and autos, showing off the many sides of his journey that make him the influential force he is today.

Andy Elliott Height and weight:

Meet Andy Elliott – the guy who radiates confidence and gets things done, not just in his career but also in his physical presence. Andy, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs a healthy 75 kg, makes sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.. It’s not just about business for him; it’s about living that fit life, and he walks the talk.

Take one look at Andy, and you’ll see the embodiment of confidence and efficiency. He’s not just well-dressed; he carries himself with the kind of self-assurance that matches his pro status in the car sales industry. Ask around, and you’ll hear his colleagues and buddies gushing about his sharp style – it’s classy, refined, and totally on point for the business game. This put-together image isn’t just for show; it’s a key part of why Andy is a big name and a well-respected figure in the world of car sales. It’s like his outward vibe is a mirror reflecting the success and know-how he brings to the table.

Andy Elliott Education and Early life:

Picture a young Andy Elliott, driven by an undeniable passion for cars and the intricate dance of sales dynamics. Even back in the day, as a little tyke, he was hooked on the complexities of the automotive world. Fuelled by this early passion, Andy threw himself into the mission of gaining the skills needed for his dream career, investing a hefty chunk of time in his educational pursuits.

His journey through education zeroed in on the nitty-gritty of business and marketing – the key tools that would later become his secret weapons in the high-stakes world of motor vehicle sales. This educational foundation wasn’t just a checkbox for Andy; it was the real deal, arming him with the skills crucial for success and shaping the lens through which he views the business. And here’s the kicker – that commitment to education isn’t just a fancy accolade on his resume. It’s the secret sauce that’s helped him navigate the twists and turns of the automotive sales world. The skills he picked up in those classrooms weren’t just about passing exams; they laid the groundwork for a rockstar career and influenced his one-of-a-kind approach to understanding and teaching the art of selling cars.

Andy Elliott Career:

Enter the world of Andy Elliott, where triumph, innovation, and leadership blend seamlessly in the dynamic landscape of automobile sales training. Right from the get-go, Andy dreamed big – he wanted to shake up the global car sales game.

Driven by his entrepreneurial fire, Andy laid the foundations of The Elliott Group. His mission? To bring in top-notch sales training programs and tactics that actually work in the real world. The result? The Elliott Group becomes the go-to spot for anyone serious about mastering the art of auto sales. With Andy at the helm, countless individuals and companies have smashed their sales goals.

Wearing the hats of Founder and CEO of The Elliott Group, plus being a hotshot Automotive Sales Trainer, Andy’s influence in the field has turned him into a legend of leadership and entrepreneurship. Sure, we might not have a trophy cabinet full of awards listed, but throw in his past life as a pro footballer, and you’ve got a whole new layer to his already impressive profile. And here’s the kicker – Andy isn’t just making waves in the auto biz; his innovative sales techniques are causing ripples beyond the industry.

Now, let’s talk about Andy’s double life – conquering pro football and dominating in automotive sales. Those sports years weren’t just about scoring goals; they gifted Andy with lessons in teamwork, discipline, and leadership. And guess what? He’s seamlessly applied those lessons to his business ventures. This guy’s career journey is like a rollercoaster of success, showing off Andy’s ability to thrive, not just in sports, but also in the cutthroat world of business.

Andy Elliott: Transforming Car Sales into an Art Form

Meet Andy Elliott, the rockstar of automotive sales training who’s not just an entrepreneur but a game-changer shaking up the whole car industry. As the big boss at The Elliott Group, he proudly wears the crown of the #1 sales trainer, leaving his mark by coaching a whopping 11,000 companies and 600,000 sales champs.

Andy’s journey is a story of pure inspiration, filled with jaw-dropping achievements in car sales, like raking in $74,500 monthly and smashing records with a cool $715,000 annually. These mind-blowing accomplishments have made him the speed demon of Automotive Sales Trainers in the country.

The Elliott Group, powered by the dream team of Andy and Jacqueline Elliott, isn’t just a rising star in sales training – it’s the fastest-growing company worldwide since it kicked off in 2011. Their mission? Empowering pros to boost their sales game and stack up those profits, and they’re doing it way beyond the car world.

But wait, there’s more to Andy than just business success. Check out his YouTube channel, pulling in a crazy 122 million views. It’s not just numbers; it’s proof that his content clicks with a diverse crowd – engaging and informative, just the way we like it.

Beyond being a trainer, Andy Elliott is like the Yoda of his field. The big shots in the industry, like Patrick Bet David and Ryan Pineda, sing his praises as one of the top sales trainers in the country.

In a nutshell, Andy Elliott is your go-to guy for flipping the script on sales strategy and hitting the jackpot. Dive into his world of cutting-edge sales training and unlock a goldmine of tips and tricks on his YouTube channel. With Andy, the sky’s not even the limit – it’s just the starting line!

Ready to up your sales game and join the A-listers? Click here to dive into the world of Andy Elliott’s groundbreaking sales training and take that first leap towards epic success!

Andy Elliott Personal life and Relationship:

Let’s take a peek into the personal side of Andy Elliott – a guy who’s all about rock-solid family values and staying true to his loved ones. At the heart of this commitment is his connection with Jacqueline Elliott, his wife, and it’s no ordinary bond – it’s deep, built on respect, and wrapped in understanding. For Andy, finding that sweet spot between work and family is a big deal in his day-to-day life.

The tie with Jacqueline isn’t just a tagline; it’s Andy’s anchor, the force that fuels his personal growth and professional journey. He’s got this finely tuned dance between family and work, showing off his belief that personal well-being and career success go hand in hand. So, when we talk about Andy Elliott’s dedication to family values, it’s not just about his personal life – it’s about how that commitment amps up his resilience and fuels his wins in both his personal growth and career adventures.

Key Facts:

  • Net Worth: Andy Elliott boasts a net worth of $12 million, attributed to his business acumen and success in the competitive world of car sales.
  • Career Journey: From founding The Elliott Group to becoming a top Automotive Sales Trainer, Andy’s influence extends beyond the industry, marked by his achievements in both sports and business.
  • Educational Foundation: Andy’s commitment to education, focusing on business and marketing, has been a pivotal factor in shaping his unique approach to selling cars.
  • Business Success: The Elliott Group, led by Andy and Jacqueline Elliott, is the fastest-growing company globally in sales training, empowering thousands of individuals and companies to exceed their sales goals.
  • YouTube Presence: Andy’s YouTube channel, with 122 million views, showcases his engaging and informative content, making him a respected authority in the field.


Andy Elliott stands out as a vibrant entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the car sales sector, celebrated for his inventive approaches and game-changing influence. As the creator and chief executive officer of The Elliott Group, he’s not only built up an impressive net worth of $12 million but has also redefined sales tactics, leaving a lasting impact on numerous people and businesses. Going beyond just financial achievements, Andy’s path from a professional football player to a business luminary showcases a diverse and motivating career journey.


How did Andy Elliott amass his $12 million net worth?

Andy’s net worth is a result of his savvy business moves, innovative sales strategies, and the transformative impact he’s had on the car sales industry.

What sets Andy apart in the automotive sales training world?

Andy’s unique teaching style, deep understanding of the car industry, and commitment to 

excellence distinguishes him as a game-changer in automotive sales training.

What is The Elliott Group’s mission?

The Elliott Group aims to provide top-notch sales training programs and tactics that work in the real world, making it the go-to spot for those serious about mastering the art of auto sales.

How has Andy’s background in sports influenced his business ventures?

Andy’s experience as a pro football player has contributed valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and leadership, seamlessly applied to his success in the cutthroat world of business.

What is the significance of Andy’s commitment to family values?

Andy’s dedication to family values serves as an anchor in his life, contributing to his personal growth and success in both his family life and career adventures.

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