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12 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Social Media

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Social media has become an integral part of our life these days. Recent numbers reveal that almost seven out of ten Americans prefer using social media on regular basis. Furthermore, almost 75% of the Facebook users open their profile at least once every day. These channels have now changed the way we communicate with friends and relatives. But even after enjoying several benefits of these social media channels, you may still have some questions in your mind that you are afraid to ask. 

In this article, we are breaking down some of the most embarrassing questions about social media to help you find reliable answers to them. 

Q1. Do I need to be active on all three platforms?

You might have heard that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are popular among business owners and professionals. These platforms help them gain higher credibility online. But a general question in every mind must be whether it is important to be present on all these platforms or not. Well, if you are a business owner, this decision is totally based on your niche audience. If the majority of them are available on Facebook, your main goal must be this platform only. On the other side, if as a research professional, you can find solid connections via LinkedIn. You can make a market analysis first to analyze which platform will be best for your specific goals and then create your profile accordingly.

Q2. What is hashtagging?

Hashtags are basically some keyword phrases that do not have spaces between words. These keywords have a # sign before them. Experts recommend them as the best choice to leverage a solid digital marketing strategy. They give your viewers a connectivity option between similar kinds or theme-based posts. General rules say that hashtag should not have punctuation.

Q3. What if I accidentally like a photo? Will they come to know even if I unlike it immediately?

Sometimes, linking photographs of someone whom you are stalking secretly online turns out to be very embarrassing. It happens with many of us and sometimes we end up liking the photo of our ex on Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately, social media sends an immediate notification to others when you like their photo, and even if you unlike it afterward, the original notification will not be changed. So, there is no way to erase this information. 

Q4. Will another person know if I block them?

This completely depends upon which platform you are using. For instance, the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook do not alert users if someone has blocked their profiles. They simply hide the person whom you are interested to ignore. But in the case of Twitter, a person will receive a specific message when they visit a profile that has blocked them. In case if you are not able to locate the profile of someone you know very well on Facebook but it disappeared somewhere, possibly they have blocked you. 

Q5. What exactly social media websites, such as Facebook know about me?

You might have already heard that social media sites may use your personal information for business needs. Well, this is true. Facebook already says that the data of users can be sold to some advertisers so that they can receive promotional messages of relevant brands. As this social media website is working with some business mindset, they give more importance to the location, age, sex, and specific interests of individuals. 

Q6. Is it okay to share content or news from other sources?

In simple terms – Yes. You can use posts from some other users or company pages and share them via your profile without worrying about any legal issues. In fact, this is an integral part of the social media communications here people keep on sharing each other’s posts. The same strategy is followed by business owners to spread awareness about their brand in the market. 

Q7. If I save someone’s post, will they get notified?

The answer to this question is again dependent on the platform that you are using. Instagram doesn’t bother if you save or take a screenshot of someone’s post. This platform doesn’t even send alerts to the original owner of the content regarding your screenshots. But if this action is with respect to the stories that expire over time, the users will receive an alert for the same. However, this is not the same on Twitter and Facebook platforms. It is possible to capture a screenshot of a live video or Facebook story without letting the other person know about it. 

Q8. Can someone come to know if I search their profile?

We all do this at some stage and this may sound very embarrassing if the other person gets notified about your secret visit to their profile. But thankfully, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not alert other users if someone has visited their profile. This history stays within your account only. On the other side, the LinkedIn platform is designed for building professional relationships, and therefore, the algorithms here send instant alerts to other users regarding your profile visits. 

Q9. Is it possible to stop seeing someone’s post without even unfriending them?

Sometimes, we cannot unfriend a person whose repeated posts appear annoying to us. But it is possible to get rid of all the drama by simply unfollowing that person. When you unfollow a person, their posts will no longer appear on your timeline and the best part is that other people will have no idea about what you did. 

Q10. Can people see embarrassing posts that I have already deleted?

The great news is that all social media platforms give users complete authority to decide the visibility of their posts. If you delete some posts, they will no longer be visible to anyone. However, if someone has captured screenshots of those posts, that may still be a trouble for you. 

Q11. My social media handles must be consistent?

Yes. Your social media handles must be consistent so that other people and clients can recognize your profile with ease. There are so many profiles and pages that have a common name; in this scenario, social media handles play an important role to identify the right person online. 

Q12. What is the best time to post on social media?

If you are an individual using social media for fun, there should be no time-related restriction for your posts. But if you are running a business on social media; it is important to be specific about the timing of your social media posts. They may be aligned to the time routines of your target audience so that you can receive enhanced visibility. You can also take help from professionals at Famoid to make the best decisions about the timing and quality of your social media posts.

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